Day one and the dream to travel the world for 365 days!

Day one almost down in the search of the 365 day-dream to travel the world. I started off cramming all night to whittle down my gear list to an acceptable size which is 1 lb shy of 30 lbs. Ya and I thought I was going to be a minimalist at the start of this adventure. I plan on taking a down day to do a V-blog on my entire gear list. I finished packing roughly 3 a.m. and took a 1 hr nap before snapping backing into the reality that I needed to catch a plane to Belize. My bro (aka behind the scene J.A.R.V.I.S) was glade to give me a ride to the airport but not before a quick snack at Macky D’s for a steak beagle and caramel frappe. Then it was a quick goodbye and short flight into the Atlanta for a 1 hr layover. which I planned to use to finish some unfinished knots. I had 1 hr to get Wells Fargo to clear out a fiasco with activating my new card because I don’t adult well at all. I ended up flying to Belize without an active ATM card in hand and a few hundred cash. I was lucky enough to get on a flight with a native returning home for a wedding who was kind enough to give me a quick low down on Belize giving me a little more confidence I could find a place to stay without notice and make my whimsical life play freely. I dozed off a few times on the flight before landing with a little turbulence and a 2nd pass on the landing. I was standing outside the Airport in Belize slightly delirious because of lack of sleep a bit hungry and no connection blasting my phone. I decided to try to get my bearings. I found out real quick Belize was on the edge of a jungle there is a nice little rain to go a long with the 85 degree weather. I sat down and worked out my phone issue with J.A.R.V.I.S and while doing so had an airport employee sit next to me with a magnificent plate of rice,beans and stewed deer meat. It did not take me long to figure out the solution to my hunger problem. He informed the was a food stand right outside the airport psh… fuck a place to stay FOOD comes first. A nice Honduran couple served me a glorious plate of food for 5 dollars american. I asked them for advise on cheep places to stay and also how to make my way to Caye Caulker a small locals Island with a reputation to harbor backpackers. They filled me on where I needed to go and how often the ferry would run. After reviewing the map I decided to walk and hitch hike within a few mins I was in the back of a pickup and deployed at the ferry. Bought a round trip ticket and arrived on the Island on a mission to find a bed for the night walked to the south side of the Island which was only about a half mile. A few locals told me there was a storm coming and I better take cover they pointed me in the right direction and I double timed it to the first hostel I could find. La Cubana (I will follow-up with a short vid of my room) I finished off my day with a few beers and some local rum watching the sunset over the ocean and relaxing to the sound of the waves coming in. P.S. I did make another phone call to clear up the issues with activating my card and all was resolved now for some much-needed shut-eye lets see what tomorrow brings goodnight and always safe travels my friends.

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